Tobi Oetiker's Toolbox

I work for OETIKER+PARTNER AG a consultancy company based in Olten, Switzerland.

We use OpenSource Software extensively in all our projects. So I made it a habit to open source code we write whenever possible. Below is a list of notable projects I have created or been involved with over the years.



My current pet project, a generic web frontend to monitoring tools. Its in intense development, see the website for details.


A fully interactive webfrontend to unix command line tools like top or traceroute.


A industry standard database for logging and graphing time-series data.


The first widely used, long term network monitoring tool on the Internet. I created it in 1995 and still update it regularly as people send in patches.


Monitor latency on your network. By default it uses ping to track the latency on your network links.


Running a large storage server. This highly configurable tool lets you keep track of disk usage per directory. It comes with a Ajax front end and needs classic du for input.

Gedafe the Generic Database Frontend

Developed with David Schweikert, this neat tool lets you write database centric web applications by simple setting up a postgresql database while following a few simple design and naming rules.


Picasa Gallery Integration Plugin

This jQuery plugin lets you add an interactive picasa gallery into your website. I use it on my photo page.

Incremental search for HTML SelectBoxes

This jQuery plugin allows you to add incremental search to any webform with select boxes. It is especially useful for long selectboxes with a hundreds or thousands of entries.

Perl Win32::Monitoring Modules

A set of perl modules helping to write user interactivity monitoring systems.

System Management

ZnapZend ZFS Backup

ZnapZend is ZFS centric backup tool for remote snapshot based backups.

O+P Insights

A website where me and my colleagues document our insights connected with all things system management.

Windows System Management: Real Men Don't Click

A website about windows system management setup I helped setup while I was working for ETH Zurich.


A software deployment system for large Unix systems. It deals with multi architecture issues, multiple versions of the same package installed in parallel.

ISG Toolchest

A system developed by David Schweikert while we were working for ISG.EE tor keep track of all the little scripts we wrote while sysadmining. We are still using it today.

TemplateTree 2

A highly modular toolset for post installation system configuration.

SamFS Support for Samba

This patch teaches Samba to handle SamFS offline files.


The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

LaTeX is a system for writing documents with perfect looks while fully concentrating on the content. This document shows you how to do this.

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