Travel Logs

When I am visiting other countries or hiking, I often write a log of where I go and what I see.

1999 3 months in San Diego - My first travel log is actually not about travel but about my stint with the people of CAIDA in San Diego.

1999 Parks in the Western US - In September 1999 Regula and I spent 4 weeks visiting National Parks and Monuments.

2000 Biking in Switzerland - Working our way on the bike, from east to west in there are a a few pictures to inspire you.

2001 Along the River Inn - In Summer 2001 I took it on a bike tour along the river Inn from its spring in the Swiss Alps to Passau. This year I got my first SLR, a Canon D30 and it serverd me well.

2002 10 Days in Colorado - My brother spent summer 2002 working at the University of Colorado in Boulder. We visited him and also made a short trip around Colorado. I wrote a travel log with pictures

2009 New Zealand - I spent 22 days and Blogged about it.

2009 Madeira - A short trip to the Atlantic Island.

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