Mount Evans

Sun, 21 Jul 2002

Together with Doris and Manuel we took our Mercury onto its first longer tour. Our goal was the top of Mt. Evens. The highest paved road in the US took us up to almost 5000 meters. The guide book warned us about nausea, short of breath and other unpleasant bodily experiences. I must admit, I did feel a bit lightheaded as we were approaching the summit of the mountain. I was slightly worried, that I would suddenly feel very ill and that it would be quite a ride back down to Idaho Springs where I could recover. Luckily enough, the strange feeling passed, and I was all right.

Mount Evans was my first close contact with the Rocky Mountains. Even though they are much higher than our mountains at home (Switzerland Home of the Mountains) things did not feel as alpine here. Probably because the Rockies are older than the Alps, and thus more eroded. The mountains seem to be made up of more or less massive blocks of stone instead of the single giant rock from which the Alps seem to be chiseled.

Ok, Ok I know, but what did you expect, I am Swiss ... :-)

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