Rocky Mountain National Park

Mon, 22 Jul 2002

Am I a rain god? While we have been planing this trip to Colorado, we found the news about all these fires which have been destroying massive amounts of woodland and even villages quite disturbing. We were happy to hear from our friends in Bolder that the fires were not in their region. Never the less it was pleasing to know that the weather was going to be warm and dry. Now that we are here, there is a fire quite close to Bolder (shiver) and the weather seems to have turned (bad news for the fire). Today while we were crossing Rocky Mountain National Park I felt like a rain god. A thunderstorm seamed to be following us from the time we entered the park until we setup our tent near Grand Lake.

We are camping in the Winding River Campground. If you were a horse loving Rocky Mountain National Park buff you would probably know this place. Then it would probably also not surprise your to hear that they have special camp sites here which feature a little enclosure where your horse can stay for the night just next to your tent or RV. You would probably even own one of these neat Man & Horse RVs which have a cabin for the humans in the front and a room for the horses in the back, very neat indeed. I wonder why you never told me that you are so much into horses.

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(Yes, I do like people writing me about these logs! I sometimes wonder if anybody is reading them.)