Dinosaur National Monument

Wed, 24 Jul 2002

"Take your pictures on the way back!", the roving ranger told us while we were walking the one mile path from the end of the car park to Harpers Corner overlooking the Steamboat Rock and parts of the Green River and Yampa River Canyons. Right he was, it seems to happen quite often, that people are totally out of film when they arrive at the truly breath taking view at Harpers Corner. So if you ever are in the region of Dinosaur National Monument don't let yourself be confused by the name. True, there is the quarry with all those Dinosaur bones sticking out of the rock (I'll have something more on this later on) but most the Monument is not about Dinosaurs, but about the wonderful canyons of the Green and the Yampa river. It's not Grand Canyon, but impressive still. And even though it is high season now, there are very few people venturing beyond the bones. The roving rangers comment was: "No there are never more people, I got all this beauty to my self."

But back to the dinosaurs. In the Quarry building there was this tray where visitors could deposit their comments to the people running the place. On the top of the stack was a comment by a person out of Duchesne, Utah. She writes: "You need to get your history straight! These animals were not alive millions of years ago. At the most this earth is 10,000 years old. These fossils cannot be places in this place because of erosion over millions of years. They were placed here because of the flood the one and ONLY God sent to destroy man because of their sinfulness. By the way, keep the live animals away and read your Bibles!"

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(Yes, I do like people writing me about these logs! I sometimes wonder if anybody is reading them.)