Yosemite NP

We saw a bear cub! It ran across the street just in front of our car. It didn't destroy the car or attack us ... It probably didn't even see us, it ran so fast. But heck ... we saw a bear !

Our plan today was to see these famous waterfalls tumbling down into Yosemite valley. We started with Bridalvail Fall, which was rather transparent today, then we hiked to the Vernal Fall. For some obscure reason about 10,000 other happy people had the same idea so we were in good company.

In the evening as a sort of magnificent finale we went to see the Yosemite Falls. But, big disappointment! As we came up to the Falls it became clear why everybody was hiking to the Vernal Fall. The Yosemite Falls had no water. For me it is very hard to understand why they have turned them off already when there were still so many people in the park. They could at least have mentioned it at the entrance or reduced the fee. But with us little people they can do that ... I just hope they won't do such stunts in Disneyland National Park.

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