Yosemite NP

Today we made it to Yosemite. At 11 am we were at the campground registration office, only to find out that even in September all campsites in the valley are already occupied or reserved. That's what you get when you don't believe what the guide book says. We were lucky though and did find a site which was not full yet, by the west entrance of the park. Only a 45 minute drive from the valley.

It seems that the bears in Yellowstone are real retards when compared to the residents of Yosemite NP. In Yellowstone you could store food in the trunk of your car and it was save there. The bears in Yosemite though have no problems opening your car to get to the food. Everywhere in the park there are warning panels which tell you to remove absolutely all food from your car. There is also a weekly bear damage report where you can read uplifting facts like that there were 15 car break-ins last week.

So we followed all the instructions given and all our food is now stowed away in the bear proof metal container back at our campsite. We paid special attention to rid our car of all bear attractants. This includes things like toothpaste or chewing gum. Especially tragic are the cases where a bear enters a car by mistake because it thinks that a plastic bag contains food or that a simple cardboard box is an ice chest.

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