Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone is the first park which doesn't only have something in store for your eyes. It challenges many senses at the same time. Especially the geysers and mud-pots are both interesting for your ears and nose. Some even got their names from their non visual features. There are for example the geysers of the Lions Group which roar like a lion when erupting. Or on the other side of the park there is the Dragons Mouth mud-pot which produces a deep gurgling and rumbling sound along with the smell you would expect from a dragons mouth. There are also other mud-pots like the Bison mud-pot where the name really gives it away ...

I wonder what blind people think of Yellowstone. I imagine that this is the only park where you get something substantial on top of the sights. Even though the mud-pot section might not be to everyone's taste.

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