Today disaster struck for me ...

One of the major attractions in Yellowstone are the animals (Do not touch or feed them and by all accounts do not annoy the Bison or the Bear.) When ever a larger specimen happens to be present in a location visible from the road, people jump out of their cars (the cars sometimes get abandoned in the middle of the street) and try to get a good view or picture of the Bison or whatever animal happens to be on display.

We pulled up as well when this happened for the first time. When I tried to power-up my Digital Camera to be ready for the Moose, a fatal message on the little display announced that the memory card must be formatted before use ... Unfortunately this was the card which held the 80 selected pictures I had kept from our journey so far ... Bummer ... I tried to revive the card in my Psion, but it would not even recognise it ... (no card present) ... Another lesson in "Always make a backup". I had thought about uploading the pictures to the net while we were in Salt Lake, but had not done it because of the long time it would have required ...

After I had partly recovered from my state of deepest grieve, we went watching Old Faithful and his geyser friends. Impressive how the water bursts from the ground. Why don't we have anything like this in Europe? Or am I just not aware of it?

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