Yellowstone to Elko, NV

Today we hit the road again. We drove many miles from Yellowstone towards Yosemite and stopped in Elko, NV for the night.

On our way we went through Twin Falls. There is a bridge over the Snake River Canyon. As I drove over the bridge I got a few glimpses of what was on the floor of the canyon. We pulled out immediately after the bridge to see it again because after the first few glimpses I was totally taken by this view. While the land we had been driving through for the last few hours was mostly yellowish and dusty, there were deep green meadows and nice shady trees to see ... paradise?!!!! Only after a few minutes of admiring the sight, I I found that obviously somebody had built hotel down below and that the green was from a golf course. What a disappointment ...

So the picture you get today is another sight from Yellowstone. Just to keep the memories fresh.

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