Grand Tetons

Some day I might compile booklet about how to name landmarks in National Parks. One prediction I can make already is that words like 'hidden', 'devils' and 'inspiration' will be quite popular. Or do you know in which park you can find Inspiration Point or where exactly Hidden Valley is?

Today we took a short hike from the west shore of Jenny Lake up to the Teton version of Inspiration Point. Quite inspiring indeed if you get inspired by visual stimulation. Unfortunately there were a little bit to many people on this point for as to make it truly inspiring. I wonder how this would be in summer.

Last night the temperature dropped from short sleeve to -6 C (20 F). This was quite a test for our tent and sleeping bags. Regulas is rated to about -2 C and mine probably to 10 C. It was rather cold indeed and we were happy to be able to go to a warm restaurant in the morning for hot oatmeal, coffee and chocolate. Tonight we are going to try some new methods for insulation, wearing lots of clothes in the sleeping bags and having some blankets on top of them ... if there is another entry tomorrow, it will have worked and we have not frozen to death.

Todays picture is a view of the Tetons from Yellowstone park. This is due to the memory loss described in tomorrows entry.

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