Brice NP

There is one major road which takes you all through Brice NP. No fancy loops like in other parks. Along the road there are many different lookout points where the fantastic sandstone formations can be admired. Very pretty indeed.

There were some clouds in the sky this afternoon. We expected to see a interesting sunset. Especially so because one of the lookouts in Brice is called Sunset Point. We were there at the right time, the Sun was there as well, and then it set ... nothing spectacular ... I still wonder why this point is called Sunset Point. The Sun did set in all other places in the park as well ... Anyway, I guess Sunrise in Brice will be much more interesting than Sunset. All these rocks, Brice is famous for, are facing east. So there is really no point in expecting much from the evening Sun. The morning Sun though ... We will find out tomorrow ... the alarm is already set to 6 am and there is another lookout point called Sunrise point ... I only hope this one lives up to the promise its name makes ...

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