Tobias Oetiker

Aarweg 15
CH-4600 Olten
+41 62 775 9902

February 24th, 1969, Switzerland

Matura Type C (Maths & natural sciences) Kantonsschule in Olten
in Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Subjects include: Parallel Computer Architecture, VLSI Chip design, Computer Networks, Database Design, Social Communication, Technical Computer Science. As well as lectures in Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. (Autumn 1989 - Spring 1994)
Additional studies
in Didactics and Pedagogics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. (Qualifies for teaching at college)
Several Management Seminars
on topics like Project Management, Conflict Resolution, Group Leading. Conducted by OETIKER+PARTNER AG.
Training in Talent and Organizational Development (Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung)
a two year training run by Brennig+Partner AG. (Summer 2004 to Summer 2006)

German, English, French and Italian all spoken and written.
Learned at school and improved in England, France and Italy

Educational Work Experience, Autumn 1989 - Spring 1994:
Several industrial software-projects
on databases and simulation during my studies. Using dBase, Paradox, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal. At Emhart Glass Zurich and Invertomatic SA Locarno
Chip Design
on Compass Tools by VLSI Technologies Inc. as a semester project.
Teaching computer skills
on Windows, DOS, UNIX and MAC.
of brochures, newsletters, books and posters using Corel Draw, Ventura Publisher, TeX, Framework.
Basic mechanical skills
acquired in a mechanical workshop at ASCOM Solothurn.
Training of simulated neural networks
for photo finishing applications as a term project and as a research assistant
Hardware Development:
My final year project (16 Weeks full time) consisted of developing a hard- and software solution for the real time control of an DC-AC converter based on a MC96002 DSP.

Employment, since December 1986:
December 86 - present
IT-Specialist with OETIKER+PARTNER AG. Since September 2006 I am working full time on remote system managment, network monitoring, software development, website design, and other multi-skill projects.
August 1995 - August 2006
Senior System Manager at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. I was also responsible for the R&D activities of our group. We ran Unix and Windows environments for various clients inside and outside the University. My main focus in system management R&D is automation.
June 99 to October 99
Job Swap
For 3 months in summer 1999 I was working for CAIDA in San Diego, USA. While a guy from there was working in my place at the ETH in Zurich.
October 94 - July 95
System Administrator Trainee at De Montfort University Leicester.
Work included: Sendmail configuration, Perl coding, LaTeX user support, HTML authoring, Web Server maintenance, News Administration with INN, Setup and maintenance of SunOS, Solaris and Linux systems.
April 94 - July 94
Research Assistant at the Electronics Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Photo finishing with neural networks and various small Unix system administration jobs.
August 94 - September 94
Personal authoring project: Writing an Introduction to LaTeX2e.
Computer Applications
  • MRTG - Multi Router Traffic Grapher A tool to create traffic statistics from SNMP capable routers. The statistics can then be viewed from any WWW browser. The software is available from A paper about MRTG has been presented at LISA'98.
  • RRDTOOL - Round Robin Database Manager A successor to MRTG. Much faster and much more flexible. Read all about it on
  • SmokePing - Delux Network Latency Meter Tracks the latency in your network, sends alarms when things go bad and provides a nice web gui. on
  • SEPP - Software Installation and Sharing System A flexible software sharing system using wrapper scripts. The system is designed to allow cooperation between different sites without central management. A paper about SEPP has been presented at LISA'98.
  • TemplateTree II configuration management and distribution system for Unix. A paper on this was presented at LISA'01.
  • Many more things can be found on my Homepage!
The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e is available from It is a introduction to the LaTeX language, which is widely used in scientific publishing.
Websites, posters, t-shirts for concerts and sporting events.
Leisure time activities
in a small Choir
of an annual fun-run in Olten.
of several free software products.
Keeping up to date
with the latest developments in the Internet and beyond.
computer illiterate friends.
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