Disneyland Park

Disneyland. We spent a full 14 hours there ... 9 am to 12 pm. The wait for the rides was quite long on times, but worth it. My favorites: ``Honey I shrunk the Audience'' and ``The Indiana Jones Jeep Ride''.

The people who design these Rides were real pros. Even the space used for the queue is built into the ride so that the queues do not clutter the park. Only an innocence little panel at the entrance of the ride advises the attentive rider that the wait from this point is approximately 60 minutes.

We even had a little real adventure. While we were in Splash Mountain, one of the logs got wedged in the canal. The technicians were not able to un-wedge it in the short term, so that we had to be evacuated from the ride. Two benefits resulted from this: We got a glimpse behind the scenes of a ride and we got a pass to enter one other ride from the exit and thus jump the queue in order to make up for ride we lost in Splash Mountain. Unfortunately, by the time we finally came out of the ride, it was 20 minutes before the Park would close. We hastened to the Indiana Jones Ride, only to find that there was no queue anyway. The ride was great and that "From Behind" ticket is going to be gracing Regulas Photo Album.

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