Salt Lake City

A day on the Interstate. We drove (or rather Regula drove) to Salt Lake City. Tomorrow we are invited to a wedding there ... Today's picture was taken early in the morning right outside of our tent ... It gives a last view on one of the beautiful mountains of Zion NP.

Getting around in Salt Lake is really simple ... they have a special naming scheme for their streets. It starts at the Mormon temple which builds the center of the city. The streets are then simply numbered counting east north west and south from the temple .... So much for the theory. In reality there are plenty of missing roads (2000 south), some one-way roads and roads which suddenly appear (200 west). Unfortunately we did not know about these little inconsistencies when we started to tackle the city. Anyway we got to the hotel fine ... but if you ever happen to go to SLC make sure you get a map. Don't let a friendly guide book or some local relative fool you ...

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